Launch of Mina2 website

Mina2 in the Caribbean - Where's The Ice Gone?
Tim Barker
Thu 18 Apr 2013 16:37

Launch of Mina2 website


Pet Officer Snoopy MDC, Media Coordination Officer of Mina2 Expeditions Inc. today announced the launch of the Mina2 website. He said:


"The new improved Mina2 website is a multi-media pleasureweb, bringing to the public a cyber-array of cutting edge technology-driven blogs, logs, photos and videos with a global outreach. Designed to optimise interest value for fellow adventurers, seadogs and landlubbers alike, it incorporates:


  • 11 Award Winning journals and blogs totalling 310,000 hand-crafted words (the equivalent of three books), all downloadable to your computer or tablet as PDF documents to be enjoyed at your leisure


  • A Photo Gallery of 1,631 stunning photographs, specially selected from a library of more than 20,000 images, covering all our cruises since 2004


  • 4 videos, including Peter Barker's soon-to-be-Award-Winning 30-minute documentary of our Antarctic cruise


  • 11 zoomable track charts in Google Maps - drill down to see the exact positions of our hundreds of anchorages


  • and much, much more …"


Enough, Snoopy! For heaven's sake, talk about blowing your own trumpet. And pleasureweb? Perleease - pass the sick bag! Nevertheless, I think the little fella's done a brilliant job given that his keyboard skills are somewhat restricted as he still insists on wearing his hand-knitted Falklands wool polar mitts all the time.


Snoopy has done what he can to ensure that the website is up to his usual high standards but there are bound to be some teething problems, so if you notice any glitches like dodgy links or page formatting, or if you have any general comments about the structure, display and content of the site, do email him on this address or contact him through the website's "Contact" page.


And please do forward this email to anyone who you think would be interested.


Snoopy says click on his photo to enter the pleasureweb!