Mina2 Honours Her Heroes at Glittering Awards Ceremony

Mina2 in the Caribbean - Where's The Ice Gone?
Tim Barker
Sun 30 Sep 2012 09:12
Mina2 Honours Her Heroes at Glittering Awards Ceremony

Date: 29 September 2012


At the End Of Cruise to End All Cruises Party, hailed as The Party Of The Century, the heroes of the Mina2 Great Southern Expedition were honoured at a glittering Gold Star Awards ceremony. In the presence of all those who have helped Mina2 sail 33,000 miles from the Arctic to the Antarctic and most places in between, no fewer than nine of the coveted Mina2 Gold Stars were awarded.


Mina2 Gold Stars are the cruising equivalent of a combination of the Victoria Cross and an Olympic Gold medal. As rare as hens teeth, only five Gold Stars have previously been awarded. Of those honoured with this accolade today, all had endured storm force winds in excess of 50 knots in the vicious seas of the South Atlantic, Cape Horn and the dreaded Drake Passage in the Southern Ocean. The heroes were:


Falklands Hurricane

Linda Andrews

John Andrews


Cape Horn Storm

Richard Close-Smith

Venetia Kenney-Herbert (previously awarded a M2GS in 2009)

Peter Barker (previously awarded a M2GS in 2009)

Ewan Edwards


South Atlantic Storm

Tom Mallaburn

Lawrence Wells


In a surprise announcement, Tim Barker, owner and skipper of Mina2 , also awarded the most coveted of all honours, a Mina2 Lifetime Achievement Award to Ally Ford of Oyster, who has worked tirelessly with the Mina2 Expedition Team providing technical advice; sourcing unsourceable spare parts and winging them round the world to keep Mina2 surfing the waves in her record-breaking adventures. This is only the second Mina2 Lifetime Achievement Award ever to have been won. Tim Barker said, "Ally has been an invaluable member of the Mina2 Expedition Team for three years. Without her consummate support Mina2 would probably still be in the Mediterranean, dead in the water. We all owe Ally a great debt" .



The Falklands Storm Troopers - John Andrews and Linda Andrews






The Antarctic Heroes - Ewan Edwards, Peter Barker, Venetia Kenney-Herbert and Richard Close-Smith





Lawrence Wells





Tom Mallaburn



Double M2GS winners Peter Barker and Venetia Kenney-Herbert





Ally Ford - winner of the prestigious Mina2 Lifetime Achievement Award





The Wold's Most Exclusive Club

Winners of the Mina2 Gold Stars with skipper Tim Barker

from left to right: John Andrews, Tom Mallaburn, Downstairs Skipper, Upstairs Skipper, Peter Barker, Ally Ford, Linda Andrews, Ewan Edwards, Richard Close-Smith, Lawrence Wells (absent: Venetia Kenney-Herbert, Neil Thackray)




Other photos of the Mina2 End of Cruise To End All Cruises Party: