Cold Weather Adaptations – Forgo t some of them

Mina2 in the Caribbean - Where's The Ice Gone?
Tim Barker
Fri 20 Jan 2012 16:52

Position: 60:05S 067:20W

Date / Time: 20 January 1400 (1700 UTC)


Re my notes on how we cope with the cold temperatures, I forgot some of the most important bits:


  1. On Mina2 we have what the marketing boys call a “deck saloon” which means that in the saloon (or what landlubbers might call the living room) we have, by boat standards, enormous bullet-proof glass windows which afford a panoramic view whilst down below. But when the outside temperature of the glass is freezing, so too is the temperature of a large area inside. So I had acrylic sheets cut in Buenos Aires to the exact sizes of the windows, got a lot of Velcro and – instant double glazing. It works brilliantly well.
  2. The other inspiration, and one of the few original ideas I’ve had in years, is what we affectionately call the conservatory which is a plastic extension to the sprayhood which provides an insulating tent which stops most of the cold air from rushing down through the hatch which has to be kept open most of the time. I had this made up in Buenos Aires as well, and it has been worth more than its weight in gold.
  3. Sleeping bags. They’re all very heavy duty, but even so, I for one have been crawling into mine complete with thermals, Weezle suit and two pairs of socks. Not so Venetia who retires to bed having changed into a fetching Wyncyette nightgown with matching nightcap with a bobble (and a nightcap in a glass) – but she also takes to bed half a dozen hot water bottles as well (and, occasionally, Able Seadog Snoopy for added warmth).
  4. And by no means least, it is essential to have excellent heavy weather salopettes and jackets in these conditions – particularly when crossing the Drake. If you have anything less, you get wet and in these temperatures that would be murder. Skip Novak, legendary high latitude sailor, offered to loan me a set of foulies for everyone on board. I can’t tell you how valuable they’ve been. Nor how good value are his top-of-the-range cruises to Antarctica, the Channels, South Georgia etc – details on