We Have Water!

Mina2 in the Caribbean - Where's The Ice Gone?
Tim Barker
Wed 18 Nov 2009 12:24

Position: 14:39.93N 017:25.68W

Date: 18 November 2009


The first four, long paragraphs of this blog had been going into minute detail about the repair of my water-maker. I then remembered the sage advice of my daughter, Selina – that nobody was in the slightest bit interested in my problems and it would be relief to everyone if I spared the details – so here goes: the water maker now works. Let’s move on.


But whilst all the work was being carried out, Colin was on deck doing some fishing. “Don’t waste your time” I said. “Everyone thinks they can catch fish off the boat, and they all fail. You will as well”. When Arona (who was fixing the water maker) finally emerged from the engine room ready to return to his wife and family, Colin gave him a large plastic bag full of fish. I was incredulous but at the same time selfishly practical “That’s a bit generous” I whispered to Colin, “What about some for us?” “Don’t worry” Colin replied “I’ve given him less than half the catch”.


And he had. Colin had developed a foolproof fish-catching technique. You attach a string of very small mackerel lures to a fishing line, drop it over the side, give it a couple of jerks - and here’s the clever bit - you then pull it back in. Every time he did this he pulled a minimum of two – sometimes four – fish off the hooks. In 40 minutes he had caught over 60 fish. Most of them were small – a bit bigger than whitebait, a couple were large, and one was a whopper. Last night we ate like kings. The best meal I had had since I’d been in Senegal.


Last night, Neil arrived at 0200. Rather than being ripped of, he found a courtesy bus for the hotel (which I had not arranged) and hopped in. Got here for nothing. There’s probably some furious hotel guest still waiting at the airport wondering where his courtesy bus is.


We set sail this afternoon for Mindelo which is on the island of Sao Vicente in the Cape Verde Islands, 450 miles on a course of 288 degrees. We should arrive sometime on Saturday depending on our speed, but I hope to keep you in touch en route. Lots to do, so will sign off now.


Meanwhile here are some photos of our time in Senegal, in no particular order and with no titles I’m afraid as I have run out of time: