Antarctic Photos 6 – Port Lockro y

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Tim Barker
Mon 30 Jan 2012 16:22

Antarctic Photos 6 – Port Lockroy and the presentation of the RCC Oates tribute


Port Lockroy was a British scientific base which has now been taken over by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust and kept as a museum, visited by almost every cruise ship and yacht that comes to Antarctica. It was here that we presented the UKAHT with a tribute to Captain Lawrence Oates on the centenary of his death on behalf of the Royal Cruising Club (of which Oates was a member). Richard, Venetia and I are all members of the RCC.




Richard cons us in through the ice





Port Lockroy





A Leopard seal on an ice flow greeted us on our way in





Because of the ice further south, most of the yachts on the peninsula were congregating in Lockroy. Here are our friends Pelagic Australis and the French charter boat Paradise





Venetia and Richard go kayaking





There was an unusual amount of ice in the harbour this year. “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” are in the background





The RCC tribute to Captain Lawrence Oates is presented to the Station Head, Ylva





The tribute hanging in the museum





We later entertain the Ladies of Lockroy with champagne and popcorn





Richard, on ice watch, shoving off a growler with the last of our poles