Antarctic Photos 12 – Miscellane ous 2

Mina2 in the Caribbean - Where's The Ice Gone?
Tim Barker
Tue 31 Jan 2012 01:56

Antarctic Photos 12 – Miscellaneous 2




Ewan & Venetia go kayaking …





 … and find themselves in a dead end





… but no time for recreation for the media super-star and Antarctic expedition leader Tim barker who, after fashioning his daily blog, spoke to his ever-expanding world of adoring but demanding fans on short wave radio, relayed round the world by the BBC.




Yet more demands made on the mega-star’s time as he pretends to do the washing up for the soon-to-be Award Winning documentary film producer Peter Barker






Proof positive that we weren’t exaggerating about the sea water temperature





A chip off the old block … the skipper prepares the evening’s gin, tonic and thousands of years old glacier ice





Strapping the deflated dinghy to the deck in preparation for the Drake crossing





A beautiful Antarctic sunset





Able Seadog Snoopy in his reindeer skin polar sleeping bag – which was almost as warm as snuggling up with Venetia





Whilst most of us rather unhygeinically slept in the same clothes that we wore during the day (too cold to undress), Venetia dressed up in her Wee Willy Winky outfit every night and went to bed with half a dozen hot water bottles (and ASD Snoopy for extra warmth)