Mina2 Honoured As a Proper Expedition Vessel

Mina2 in the Caribbean - Where's The Ice Gone?
Tim Barker
Wed 15 Jan 2014 16:28

Hello Everyone! Pet Officer Snoopy here.

It has just been announced that Mina2 has been honoured by the Royal Cruising Club with the Goldsmith Exploration Award. This is awarded “For an expedition to, or a survey of, little known or ill-charted waters, landings or anchorages”. This was for the cruise round the seldom visited coasts of NE Brazil and the Guianas last year.

I am blogging this personally because I know my Master and Commander is so modest he wouldn’t tell you himself. When I Skype’d him yesterday to break the news to him I could tell he was, like, choked up. He said that the previous winners of this award were all his heroes, and he was unworthy of it. What rubbish. The man’s a bloody star. And I’ll bite the ankle of anyone who says otherwise (or at least give it a VERY nasty suck – my teeth aren’t too good these days).

He said the important thing is that Mina2 has now been officially recognised as an Expedition and Exploration Vessel and NOT a bloody Luxury Holiday Yacht.

Licks to all you blogfans.

Pet Officer Snoopy MDC (Member of the Ancient and Honourable Order of the Dog Collar)