Channel Pics 1

Mina2 in the Caribbean - Where's The Ice Gone?
Tim Barker
Tue 13 Mar 2012 16:02

On our first cruise of the channels with Christine, Fernando and Selina on board, we only had happy snappy cameras with us. On this cruise we benefited from the addition of a good camera and a skilful cameraman behind it in the form of Andrew which has enhanced the overall quality of our offering.




The cruise starts in the southernmost town in the world, Puerto Williams in Chile, south of the Beagle Channel




The DS and US chat in the bar of the Micalvi





It was a relief getting the boat out of Ushuaia in Argentina where the sentiment against the British about the Falklands is hotting up. This sign was put up outside the port just before we left. Transalation: “Mooring of ships of the English pirates prohibited”. Not exactly welcoming!





Our first stop was in Caleta Ferrari in Bahia Yendegaia. The weather was still bitterly cold and the mountains were all sugar-coated. We were hoping to go horse-trekking but the gaucho who provides these excursions was away …





… so we left the following morning in the snow, bound for Caleta Olla where Andrew went for a massive hike up to the top of a mountain at the far end of the bay, the last bit clambering knee high through the snow.




This is his photo from the top. Caleta Olla is the bay in the middle of the photo, Mina2 so small you can’t even see her. Andrew called us on the VHF to say where he was, so we photographed him from the boat …




… Andrew is at the top of the distant mountain in the centre of the photo …




.. and here is a close up of the mountain stop. If you have good eyesight you can see Andrew - a red speck at the very top









Dolly Mk4 provides her first meal for us


I’m sending this as we pass Ushuaia on our way back to Puerto Williams. Probably won’t be able to send any more pics at the moment as we will soon lose broadband signal, but more will follow, as will the blogs.