Automatic Notification of Mina2 Blog Updates

Mina2 in the Caribbean - Where's The Ice Gone?
Tim Barker
Thu 5 Nov 2009 15:41

Automatic Notification of Mina2 Blog Updates


Instead of browsing to  randomly to see whether or not I have updated the blog, you can get any new updates sent to your Internet Explorer directly


Next time you access,  on the right-hand side of the Google Map is a link that says “RSS Feed” – Click on this and a new Tab will open – at the top of the page is a yellow panel“Mina2 Heads South – News Feed” – Select the bottom Option “Subscribe to this feed”


Updated information from the feed is automatically downloaded to your computer and will automatically pop up in Internet Explorer and other programs.


If you want to remove the link later - you can easily delete this RSS Feed from your “Favourites” on the left-hand side of your Internet Explorer window