Paradise Re-Found - Phone Signal Lost

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Tim Barker
Sun 28 Mar 2010 01:07

Date: 28 March 2010

Position: Saco de Ceu, Ilha Grande – 23:06.36S 44:12.15W


And indeed the 60 mile 9-hour passage from Rio to Ilha Grande was under motor the entire way – the most wind we saw was 7 knots, hardly enough to move us through the water let alone get us to our destination with enough sunlight to see it. But the sea was smooth, the sun was hot, and we were close enough to the shore the whole way to find a pleasant distraction. We arrived in Saco de Ceu mid-afternoon and found ourselves in a paradise bay. The landscape here is hilly verging on the mountainous, and all lush jungle with a few picturesque houses on the shore of the deep bay surrounded by palm trees. Take away the palm trees and it is reminiscent of the prettiest islands in the Northern Aegean in Greece.


The only downside, from the Downstairs Skipper’s point of view was that the ring of high hills around us blocked all mobile phone signals. The DS has an obsessive need for mobile communication at all times so much of her time was spent jabbing at the buttons on the many phones we have accumulated on board, but all with the same negative effect.


We decided that this place was so perfect that, notwithstanding lack of comms, we would take a day’s holiday and we spent the whole of the next day here just chilling. It's ages since we've done that and it was bliss. In fact I managed to get the paints out for the first time in about six months. Here is the result:




The DS also did a painting of the same lovely scene, and hers is much better than mine. But if she wants it posted, she can ger her own blog.