Clean up and transfer day - Sunday 5th : Leixos, Portugal

Mariposa Blog
Robert Newman
Tue 7 Sep 2010 11:52
N41 11.0  W 008 42.0

it's clean up=the boat day before flights home from the conveniently located (6km) Porto=airport....we reflect on quite a week - considering we have covered some 5=0 nautical miles (or 600 in Brett's log book) and encountered Gale force w=nds we've had a great week with plenty of sorties ashoreand opportunities =o explore the ports and rias along the way.  We have flown past a lot=of places and this would definitely be an area worth taking more time over=next time (!). 

Halfway through sprucing up Mariposa I reques= the owner's (Rob) permission to dispose of a broken thermos mug which is =uly consigned to the gash bag - all fine until an hour or so later I, unintentionally, kick the gash bag right in metal object and s=ice off some largish chunks of flesh off the top of my toes.  Our fir=t medical emergency (discounting hangovers and sea sickness).  Fortui=ously for me Brett, amongst his many other skills, attribute and expereien=e, has some medical training and was able to patch me in time for my impen=ing flights. I thgot myself whisked through Porto, Madrid and Heathrow air=orts in a wheelchair - which if your name is not Susanne Newman (haven't t=ied it) it is a great way to travel. 

Rob and Brett, having s=id they were going to spend the rest of the day on Mariposa scrubbing the =lood off, doing the washing, generally polishing and addressing the "to do= list, went to the beach for lunch. And then texted me pictures of the bea=h...which I'm sure you'll agree was a heroic effort to improve my morale. =br>
Anyway that's it for a couple of weeks we return a porto later in September for leg 3 (porto - faro) and then leg 4 (faro - canarie=) - some places available on board for each of these at the time of writing so please do apply within.