A Catalogue of things lost - Day 12

Mariposa Blog
Robert Newman
Fri 3 Dec 2010 14:14
N13 54.03 W031 17.27
A Catalogue of things lost
1) 100 litres of fresh water - respect to Willy for owning up to leaving the tap running - Not as serious as it sounds, we have plenty left...... at least until someone leaves the tap on again.
2) Inhibitions - Willy again....he has decided to go for an all over tan...at least he is confining this activity to the foredeck.
3) A bucket -  this one is down to whoever tied the rope to the handle and didn't use a BOWLINE.
4) A small piece of Spiller - genuinely dismayed at the bucket loss, understandable when you consider it was part of his 3 bucket wash and rinse system and cleaning does keep him sane!
5) Rob's favourite lure - Lost when trying to retrieve bucket
6) Rob's temper - lost just after the loss of the lure
7) The Trade winds - Still no sign of them, either Rob's put them back in the wrong cupboard (again), or they're festering in the bottom of the fridge along with several kilo's of meat. Hopefully we'll come across them when we next do a tidy.
Other highlights of the day.
1) More visits from our friends the flying fish, we have now had three on board in as many days
2) A school of Pilot whales surrounding the boat, very graceful creatures
3) A swim in the Atlantic, very refreshing on a hot and mostly windless day
4) Meatballs with pasta washed down with the local wine - Thanks Rob.
Blog provided by watch leader Richard Frost neé 'Frosty' or perhaps 'Pinky' (owing to his new skin tone)