19/20th August - Illes de Groix to Belle Ille

Mariposa Blog
Robert Newman
Sun 29 Aug 2010 06:21
After pouring (!) over the guide book and tide times the night before we decide on an early start in order to reach our destination "Le Palais" on the Belle Ille - it's a popular spot and the prime place tie up your bateau is through the lock and under the ramparts of the marvellous citadel.  Long motor but we cover the 25 or so miles in good time (80 horses help) and we're in in time for the girls to dash up to the market before it closes and get some more supplies on board...well i suppose we were getting a bit high in the water.  Mackarel and langoustines on the barbie tonight preceded by a walk around the citadel and gin and tonics in the bar of the marvellous Michelijn guide hotel/ restaurant located therein - Newmans blagged us in - I think that was the "I say we're visiting from the RSYC (Royal southampton yacht club) you know" comment that did it.

Friday - ashore - a few jobs and a boulangerie followed by another cycle tour this time to Sauzon (sue adding her comments at this point) well we didn't quite go the straight route to Sauzon, chief navigator NIck took us on a tour up a few hills and low and behold we ended back where we had started unintentionally .. how he managed to maintain his role as navigator i am not sure as 2 and a half hours later we reach our destination, only 6kms down the road!!! However to be fair we did stop off at a great beach, Plague de Port Jean, where the kids got nudey dudy and braved the rather cold sea. Refreshments welcomed at Sauzon and soon we cycled independently back, Caters v's Newmans directions and i have to say there wasn't much in it, i hate to admit that the caters won on the basis of their scenic route !