Communications 'from and to' Mariposa and her crew during the ARC

Mariposa Blog
Robert Newman
Sun 21 Nov 2010 08:20
We will be picking up email daily but only those sent to the boat address  mariposa {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com.  

Please bear in mind that we will be downloading email via a satellite phone - which is relatively expensive (£1 per minute) - therefore please limit emails to text only (no pictures/ attachments etc) and delete any unnecessary header/ footers etc.

We will be using this system to post updates to the blog:  but this will mean the updates are largely text change there then!!

More regular/ reliable updates on our actual position across 'the pond' can be gained from the fleet viewer via the ARC websire.  This is an automated position report sent every 6 hours via a 'yellow brick tracker' that has been attached to Mariposa's rail for the duration of the rally.  

Simply go to:    ...and then scroll down to "Mariposa (GBR)"  

This website affords not only a current position report but also (and of particular interest to the families planning to see us in the Caribbean) an ETA for Rodney bay St Lucia.   

NB there are two Mariposa's competing in the ARC and we are the British fagged one.  We have taken up a Rum and Coke orientated challenge with Mariposa II (Bernard and Anne-Marie) to see who is the first into St Lucia.

Finally, and in the likely event that family members or other Mariposa followers feel the need to deliver verbal encouragement to members of the crew, then there is an option to call Mariposa via the satellite phone.  Each day we plan to have the phone turned on and charged between 5pm and 7pm GMT and the on the phone number is  00 881 631 641 847.

Note this will be an expensive call.  BT quote £3 per minute (from a UK landline) and we have heard this figure going up to £20 a minute from a roaming mobile!!! 

Hope that all makes sense but any queries please send them to mariposa {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com.

Junior Communications Officer