Some extracts from the fond messages sent from home to Mariposa...

Mariposa Blog
Robert Newman
Sat 2 Oct 2010 13:45
 From Kirsty Everett (aka Mrs Spiller):


Your blogging remains somewhat unsatisfactory but I am prepared to forgive on the basis that you are obviously very busy with poor fishing attempts and general ship dodging.  

Somewhat confused that you have managed to post a blog dated tomorrow when I believe you have no time difference  have you accidentally veered off course and crossed the international date line?

Apologies for the Roger Whittaker  I should have forewarned you of Spillers atrocious taste in music (but nicely matched to his sense of humour)

Spiller  Bert has recovered from his injury but the house is in a state and from the smell I am pretty sure something has died in the bottom of the washing up bowl.  Algae and other mould is rampant in the kitchen and bathrooms  the shock of no longer being professionally disinfected by you at least 5 times a day is taking its toll I have put aside the entire weekend to try and restore 10 Burrard Road to its former glory but I think that when you go away for 4 weeks we might just have to have Rentokil in to deal with the fallout before you return......


From Mike Cater (Nick's Dad)

Hi Nick et al,

Reading your blog and watching progress. Have fun, be safe and enjoy

As for me, I'm off to Southern Ireland on Saturday in the Robin with three
elderly, boosey mates! Fun isn't just for the young!!

Love Dad

From Mike Collins (college mate now living in Sydney):
Leg 6 looks like a blast Nick. Hope you all get across safely. I am looking forward to meeting you all on the Skiing trip. Good Luck to you all…..Say hello to everyone for me. Here’s a few Jokes to share while you are bobbing around on the open sea.
Avas me Harties.

(jokes removed by the censor ...they were too bad)