Vilamoura - Madeira (en route)

Mariposa Blog
Robert Newman
Wed 29 Sep 2010 11:49
N 34 47.28 W 012 12.65
After a couple of thorough preparation days in downtown Vilamoura  - plenty of 'shore time', a few jobs jobs on board, an exhaustive clean up (particularly by Spiller of Portugal in 'his' galley) and a very enjoyable visit from Mariposa's royal family i.e. Roger, Cynthia, Sarah, Gordon and Annabelle - who arrived bearing gifts of of Earl Grey tea and, most importantly for morale on the night shift...ginger nuts!! 
Sunday was bright and breezy time and by the time Rob and I had recovered from the previous evenings briefing session, few more jobs and lunch we left Vilamoura in bright breezy conditions.  Some ships log extracts follow:
1730 - Wind force 7 westerly - finally we have some wind so making a good speed, quite strong on the nose and rough sea so conditions on board challenging. Hopefully the breeze will moderate as the day cools... 
2030 - Wind force 5 Westerly - Hove to waiting for some shipping to pass in front us
2230 - wind veering nicely now able to lay (nautical term meaning to sail directly somewhere) Madeira.  Busy time on the radio talking to captains of various large vessels of various nationalities (Russian, Indian and Malaysian) informing them of our whereabouts and politely requesting they avoid us!
0215  - Wind force 5 Westerly -  still rolling around with Willy (that's me) just going off watch having fiddled continuously with the sails for hours!!
Note log entry by Spiller who was finding sleep elusive at first...
1135 - oh what a bootiful morning for mis-spelling - clear skies and Roger Whittaker on the stereo
1530 - 24 hours in and 147 miles in... fast trip so far.  2 fish caught 1 small tuna type and 1 golden dorado - in the fridge.
0030 - Wind force 4 Northerly  - slight sea , cloudy no shipping, calmer night so everyone getting more rest than they did yesterday.
0900 - lovely dawn and we're halfway to Madeira - 1 blue dorado caught, 'dispatched' and then lost - must buy a landing net in Madeira, turtle spotted and tuna swimming alongside us...
It's now mid-day the wind has dropped so to keep on schedule we are motoring but we have Bob Marley on the stereo and light refreshments (beers and crisps) are available to those crew members wishing to partake...(all).
So all is well on board and we hope to be in Madeira by Thursday morning.
If you want to send an email to the boat please send it to mariposa {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com .  It would be great to hear from you here but please don't attach large files as these can be expensive to download.
Many thanks