La Coruna to Islas Cies/ Baiona: 2nd/ 3rd September (120 nautical miles 20hour)

Mariposa Blog
Robert Newman
Mon 6 Sep 2010 21:11
N 42 13.4 W 008 54 00
Recovery morning á (or la Brett?) Coruna, chatting with other yachtsmen doing the ARC - we met a nice chap from Scotland and his wife who had sold their yacht charter business and are doing the ARC on a Jeanneau 41 with lots of similar kit and loads of experience with Jeanneau boats - so we made him a cup of tea and picked his brains for a while on a number of varied technical subjects... including  "how exactly did you acquire an all female crew?"..

Then we're off on an overnight passage south around the infamous Cape Finistere towards Vigo and Baiona...conditions are very settled and we keep getting headed so have to motor, but this proves to be a good fishing speed - everyone catches a bonny bonito so we shouldn't starve.  But it does slow us down a bit and despatching them is starting to make the transom look like a scene from the "Texas chain saw massacre" so we pull the lines in as we round Finistere and push south.

Ships log extract later that night during Rob's watch:

"0600 - just had a fantastic scrambled eggs and smoked salmon breakfast and now I'm going to get the sails up...
0800 - frustrated - faffed around with the sails for an hour but now motoring...
0900 - still motoring and just cleaned up the soup which had spilt all over the galley floor when I was faffing with the sails"
Friday am:

postcard perfect day anchored off sandy Islas Cies, lengthy well earned (see above) Tuna lunch from Rob's top drawer, a walk on the beach for rob and brett, a siesta'ial' slumber for me then we're into baiona for tortilla and other tapas... highly entertaining best value dinner of the trip - never ending wine and plates of tapas and complimentary digestifs for about £12.50 a head during which Brett repeatedly asked the waitress to remove her jumper..

Brett was fortunate on two counts; firstly his Spanish is not nearly as good as his french so the waitress did not understand a word and did not slap him; and secondly it was about 26 degrees Celsius indoors so his motives were apparently decent.