Saturday 4th/Sunday 5th Baiona a Porto

Mariposa Blog
Robert Newman
Mon 6 Sep 2010 21:37
41º 11' N 8º 42' W

we all seem to have adjusted well to the time zone and southernn european attitudes as another late reveille and late departure follows a highly entertaining evening ashore...

the good news is though that we get an hour back as Portugal are an hour behind (Spain) so we adjust our watches, slip the lines and sortie south.  After a short motor sail we get the engine off (at last) pole out the jennaker and we're running down wind, down swell and can lay (nautical term) the waypoint. Wonderful..Forecast is fair so we keep the jennaker up into the night.  Brett (aka Patrick Moore) aided and abetted by his iphone talks us through the night sky... Brett "that's jupiter and uranus", Me "wow I think I can see the rings flashing" Brett  "err Nick actually I think that's an aeroplane"

Notwithstanding celestial distractions we avoid the hazards and complete Mariposa's virgin night time entrance to a new port i.e. Leixos. Rather tired crew as we dock on rather small pontoons (this is where we plan to leave M for two weeks) around 1.30am and then have freshly cooked tuna nicoise care of Rob.  Conversation turns to family as we all fly home soon.  This is the last port of call for leg 2.