Destination Cascais - Lisbon

Mariposa Blog
Robert Newman
Thu 23 Sep 2010 12:37
N 38 42.0 W 009 25

relaxed start to the day with a pm departure planned so time for some exercise (well I went for a run) and some jobs: Rob is fitting a bowsprit to Mariposa (that's a pole at the pointy end), Leccy Chris and I get the shore power working (this saga turns out to be as simple as a poor connection in one of the cables!) and Spiller the human spirit level tested the flatness of the foredeck.

We're heading go overnight to Cascais near Lisbon but we need to wait for the marina to open after lunch (12.30-3.00 !) to get some fuel as the forecast is for light airs and we will probably need to motor to make 6knts. The marina office opens in time to inform us that the fuel pump is not working. So we extricate ourselves from the tiny marina and head over to the rather port fishing port for diesel. A friendly Portugese fisherman helps us get fuel and donates our supper - two bags full of fresh whiting which Rob turns into a quick bouillabaisse after we finally leave (5pm). The breeze is favourable and initially we get the Jennaker (that's the large blue sail at the pointy end Spiller) up before the wind dies and we motor through the night to Cascais.

A fairly uneventful night avoiding a few fishing boats and multiple fishing nets/pots and we arrive in Cascais around 10am..