30th August 0800 -N46 05.22 W005 04.74

Mariposa Blog
Robert Newman
Wed 1 Sep 2010 20:35
we've been going for 23 hours and well on the way towards Spain (La Coruna or beyond). a good tide helped us through the Golf de Morbihan (little sea) - an amazing tidal sea a bit like poole harbour only bigger, more exciting and no obvious signs of any bling (sandbanks) - then fuel up and off. Glorious start to the passage Winds West or North West force 4-5 so a beat which is a bit uncomfortable and makes some of the crew a bit queasy (vomiting). 2 MOB alarms - both false we really need to fix the lifetags as we had this problem crossing the channel and its a bit like crying Wolf! Averaging over 6knots and weather is as forecast - encouraging.