"FOUR MEN ON A BOAT; LIVE ON THE OCEAN WAVES " (DAY 11 - 0000hrs Thursday 2nd December: N14 30, W29 23)

Mariposa Blog
Robert Newman
Thu 2 Dec 2010 10:36
Rob, the Skipper (or 'Rip Van Winkle' as he has now become known) basically took to his bed for 48-hrs out of CVI, only emerging at meal times to turn his nose up at whatever was on offer, make himself something different (that he also didn't eat) and then disappear again down into his cabin / festering pit (which incidentally, now resembles a pig sty). Very strange behaviour, which somewhat disrupted the rota system!! We think that this was caused by: 
(a) Mild sea sickness (he sometimes feels a bit sick when we first set out).
(b) Minor de-hydration (it is 'kin hot and humid).
(c) A hangover, as we all had a couple of beers and a couple of rum and cokes in CVI (...and he is a Budgie).
(d) He has been "eating too much bread" (which apparently makes you tired?!).
(e) All of the above.
Having motor sailed for approx 48-hrs SW out of CVI through some eerily calm seas, this morning we finally found what we think are some relatively light trade winds (i.e. gusting at c.10 - 17 Knts) and we also have some helpful current (giving us around 0.5 Knts extra), so we have made good progress sailing all day, with the Genneker poled out*, at an average of about 6 knots (*no doubt, much to my friends and family's amusement, I am starting to use Yachty-banter?!). 
Thankfully, in a Lazarus-like recovery, Rob emerged this morning, looking relatively refreshed and made pancakes for everyone's breakfast (...I think he may have been feeling a little guilty about going AWOL this last two days?!). 
It is now just after midnight on Thurs morning and I (Spiller) am on watch (11pm-2am), having taken over from Frosty (8pm -11pm). It was Frosty's turn to cook dinner (very salty spaghetti pasta, with courgette and yet more Chorizo, washed down with red wine....of course) and much to my horror he has not cleared up (Ship's rules are the cook clears up after himself!); so there is a scene of utter carnage in the galley* (Yachtie-banter for kitchen), only usually witnessed after Rob's cooking. There is dried spaghetti in a pan on the stove and the stove itself covered in pesto...as part of my self-help therapy, I will have to resist the temptation to clear up! I thought we had got through a day without Frosty spilling anything, but, having looked again at the galley; clearly, I was wrong.
Up on deck, for some inexplicable reason, Willy is fast asleep in the cockpit (maybe he has been "helping" Frosty with his watch?!), the sails appears to be set up well, the wind is reasonable, no lights (from other boats) in sight, nothing on the AIS or Radar and we are being pushed along down wind at a steady 6-7 knts, so time for a cup of slosh treacle (Earl Grey the crew brew of choice), accompanied by a Ginger Nut (naturally) and a Blog (I somehow, resisted the urge to clear up, whilst making tea!). However, as I am a relative novice at this yachting business (this is my 4th week) I have to keep going up on deck, life jacket and head torch on (in case the HSE get to read this) to re-check everything is OK, so bear with me...............all is well! Willy has just sat bolt upright, grunted something illegible, taken his pillow and disappeared down into the cabin, presumably to find his bunk...he may be sleep walking, so I won't try and converse with him, as he is dreadfully grumpy when he first wakes up (Hopefully, though he might 'sleep wash-up' on his way through; you never know your luck?!!!!)  
I just heard a thump down in the cabin; went to check, no sign of anyone. Willy has clearly made it to bed and galley is still a mess.........it was an outside chance I know!
The weather forecast appears better in terms of wind, so we may make up some time. With wives and families due in St. Lucia from 9th, we are all very keen to get a shift on. My flight back to the UK is booked for 17th, so that only leaves us 15 days to do the remaining 1800 miles or so might be tight?! Bring on the 20-30 knot trade winds!!!
2pm and thankfully Rob has just got up to take over and do the 'Dog watch' (2-5am), so he must be feeling better; as if tonight couldn't get more bizarre, Rob just came from the galley holding a dead flying fish in his hand, saying, "look what I just stood on; at first I thought it was a tube of toothpaste!". There is only a small window in the galley and the flying fish must have flown straight through it..... and maybe he was simply shocked to death by the state of the galley?! Anyway, that would at least explain the thump I heard an hour ago down stairs!?! 
Off to bed...over and out for now.