Ria de Cedeira to La Coruna : 1st September (30nm 5hour)

Mariposa Blog
Robert Newman
Sat 4 Sep 2010 19:45
N43 21.9 W008 22.47

A very easy (compared to yesterday) day sail (motor) as there is no wind to speak of today just the remnants of the easterly swell from our Biscay blast to help us south and west.  A relaxed day on board following a relaxed well earned breakfast - Rob cooking (and eating) sausage and eggs - so its true he doesn't just eat lentils.   Met some cornish fishermen turned sailors, also on their way to cross the Atlantic, who had crossed Biscay at the same time us - and thought the conditions were "tricky"!

The days excitement also had a strong fishing theme 1 x narrowly missed fish trap (2nd one in two days!), 1 fish lost (large) and 1 caught a beautiful but smaller  5 lb bonito (why is it always about the one that got away Rob?) which is now in steaks in the fridge and will no doubt form part of tomorrows diet...Rob now seems to have mastered catching useful fish (ones you can eat) but that of course does not stop him from catching more useless fish (mullet) in the marina at La Coruna - this last bit of fishing masquerading as a fishing lesson for Brett!!

...later that evening

(hicup) La Coruna is a beautiful city (somewhat over developed with lots of high rise flats) but is still in part a beautiful city - found an amazing square last night and several tapas bars (hicup) later it seemed a good idea to pop the 'bonito on the barbie' for a late night snack and wax lyrical... "at last respite from the relentless lashings of the ocean and the whipping (winds)" - Mr Brett Raynes probably talking about our Biscay adventure.