August 6th - 13th - Nous Restons a Benodet

Mariposa Blog
Robert Newman
Fri 20 Aug 2010 18:09

Mariposa has remained in prime position - an innermost berth - in Benodet marina for over a week now.

Rob and James returned to the UK on Saturday. Rob returns tomorrow (14th) avec famille for a fortnight family cruise in the pristine, fish filled, aquamarine and extensively beached (?) waters of Southern Brittany.

I have had a hectic week ...

Saturday - saw the boys off then breakfast then some jobs on board

Sunday - lunch in Saint Marine (Ian, Lara, Freddy and Ruby Furmidge came to visit for a long and fairly liquid Sunday lunch in delightful Saint Marine (opposite Benodet) where a fishing plan emerged for Monday (see below). Evening spent

Monday - Bass fishing in the Bay of Brest - Ian and I were royally entertained by an all American fishing guide (!) and we learnt a lot of new fishing jargon/technique. Didn't catch much but did fish around a mothballed French naval destroyer - do the French know they have (had ) a navy? The guide was great value an American with a lot of interesting fishing vernacular - do we really speak the same language?

Tuesday - Nicole and Arthur arrived on the Portsmouth to St Malo ferry, via Rob in Southampton to load up with more boat supplies :- largely fishing and windsurfing equipment but with a few boat supplies thrown in to fix the windows (leak), self steering (wobble) and life raft locker (shake)!))...Arthur's eyes fall out when he encounters an ice cream "bigger than I am Daddy"

Wednesday - Day trip to la mer blanche - wonderful estuary - behind a long spit of dunes - that, at low tide, uncovers to become a sort of moonscape of rock pools and sandy rivulets. Brimming with life with a crab under every stone la mer blanche is a fantastic location for all the family and on Thursday the Caters are joined by the Furmidge family for crabbing, kiting, splashing, kayaking, bass fishing (4 all returned) on a toby on the rising tide. Topped off with dinner on the sea front.

Friday - couple of jobs on board followed by long walk along Saint Marine beach.

Saturday - Meeting Rob and Sue in Quimper in the evening so morning spent getting Mariposa straight washing etc followed by a lovely barbeque lunch care of Ian and Lara followed by an afternoon at the water park...Arthur's eyes nearly popped out when he saw the water slide and the first words out of his lips when he came up for air at the bottom were "iwannadodatagainDaddy"! A quick turn round the supermarket then met Rob, Sue and Millie after their epic car,plane,taxi, train journey from home to Quimper.

Sunday - rob - with minimal 'assistance' from me repairs the plate holding the hydrovane self steering to Mariposa's stern in a "two hour" job that takes 3.59 hours. In the afternoon the Newmans are introduced to la mer blanche for more fishing etc and then back for dinner. Tomorrow we plan to sail somewhere again and check out the ramparts of Concarneau... excellent prospect getting back to sea. Lovely though Benodet/ Saint Marine has been.