Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th:- Illes de Glenan - Ille de Groix (20nm)

Mariposa Blog
Robert Newman
Sat 21 Aug 2010 09:34
After breakfast on an overcast but dry day we ease out of the anchorage and set the sails for ill de groix... wind started light but filled in during the day and we had a glorious broad reach under jennaker and main - until we had to get it down when gusts got to 20 knts. Made great time to Ille de groin and headed into moor up in the Avant port - inside the main harbour at Port Trudy. A recommendation of Lucas at Deacons - Ille de groin and Port trudy did not dis-appoint.

As the guide book says it's a bit like Aldernay so after moules frites dinner on ashore on Wednesday we hire bicycles and a car and set off around the island - ending up on an idyllic beach for bracing swims, sandcastles and pizza (?). Rob really slipped off his healthy eating perch today. I found him on the beach with a tin of kronnie in one hand and one of Monsieur Vatsdomino's house specials (large) in the other. Fortunately we arrived in time to save him and polish off the remaining slices! Sue had a crack on the bike and eureka we've found the form of exercise that will suit her repairing achilles and involve the whole families as Arthur and Millie "love" the 'suivre' - that this the long attachment thing you put on the back of your Dad'd bike that makes him go really slowly up and down hills.

Day polished off with numerous drinks and barbecued langoustine and a bottle of Chablis care of the skipper! Tough day.


beautiful beach and a refreshing sea!