Nearly off - 30th July

Mariposa Blog
Robert Newman
Thu 5 Aug 2010 20:41

As secretary, bosun, mate, chief bottle washer, navigator, last man up the mast and communications officer on Mariposa I am delighted to provide an update on Mariposa's progress towards the start line of the 2010 ARC or Atlantic Rally for Cruisers.

Rob has worked tirelessly over the last 3 months to firstly find Mariposa and then to make all the modifications and maintenance works necessary to prepare a yacht and crew to cross an ocean safely.  These ongoing works included; a "to do" list of over 150 line items; significant additional investment in equipment including new liferaft and flares, sun lotion, Hydrovane self steering, literally a boatload of fishing lures, enough tupperware for a party and innumerable charts and pilots; and, countless meetings in the Jolly Sailor to discuss plans, tactics and priorities.

Throughout July Mariposa has been put through her paces in sea trials combining social cruises with the family. 

Along the way we have had great support and assistance from a many and varied quarters... Andy and Julia Patterson (charts and encouragement), Andy Hunt of FLying Fish (put us through our paces on the water), Robert and Clem at the Royal Southampton YC (charts and sea anchor), various leggers including Spiller (netting), the team led by Nick at Deacons boatyard in Bursledon and of course Mrs Newman and Mrs Cater

Anyway on Saturday we're off and running on Leg 1 (Beaulieu to Brittany) .

The crew for leg 1 will be:

Rob Newman  - skipper, stunts and fisherman
Mike Curnow  - navigator, munitions and diesel engineer- (well he does own a motor boat)
James Clegg  - entertainments (ipod) and solo watch (solo)...'did i ever tell you about the time I climbed Mont Blanc?'
* Richard Frost  - smoke signals, humidorista and watersports officer
and me (...,,.?!). 

Assuming we reach our destination (Vannes) Leg1 will be followed by a two week family cruise in Brittany before we 'bash Biscay' (or perhaps the reciprocal) in the first week of September on Leg 2. 

There are places available on all the remaining legs (including leg 2 Biscay) and Marioposa's planned itinerary follows

All the very from Brest,

Leg 1  "The Beginning"  departs Hamble 31st July bound for Brittany via the Channel Islands:  cross channel 150 miles 4 days sailing , one or two stops and some night sailing.

Leg 2  "Biscay"  departs South Brittany 28th August  bound for Vigo (or Porto) : 450nm - 3-4 days non stop to sunny Spain plus recovery cruise in Northern Spain.

Leg 3  "Portugal"  departs Porto (or Vigo)18th September bound for Faro : 350nm 7 days day sailing (maybe one night sail) 

Leg 4  "Madeira"  departs Faro 1st October bound for Madeira : 590nm non stop 4ish days non stop plus 2 days  

Leg 5  "The Canaries"   departs Madeira 6th November bound for Las Palmas , Gran Canaria: 325nm 2-3 days non stop sailing plus parties and preparation for the ARC in Las Palmas

Leg 6  "Atlantic Rally"  departs Las Palmas 21st November  for St Lucia: 3,000 nm - 21 days non stop to the Caribbean followed by a BIG party. 

More information available on the ARC: