latest itinerary update

Mariposa Blog
Robert Newman
Tue 21 Sep 2010 20:09
caling potential crew - last few places available on Mariposa's big adventure.  As you'll know from the blog we are well underway; currently cruising the Portugese coast en route to the Algarve in beautiful warm air

The latest update on the leg itinerary is as follows...

Leg 1  "The Beginning"  departed Hamble 31st July - arrived Benodet 4th August completed by Rob, Nick, James (Clegg), Mike (Curnow) & Richard (Frost) 

Leg 2  "Biscay"  departs South Brittany 28th August  bound for Vigo/ Port: 500nm - 3-4 days offshore to sunny Spain - completed by Rob, Nick and Mr Brett Raynes 

Leg 3  "Portugal"  departs Porto 18th September bound for Faro : 350nm 7 days coastal sailing - underway  Rob, Nick, Spiller and Chris Benbow

Leg 4  Atlantic experience II departs Faro 25th September bound for Madeira : 500nm  4 days offshore Rob, Nick, Spiller & ??? 

  LEG 5 Atlantic Experience II    departs MAdeira 1st October bound for Tenerife:  300nm  3 days offshore Rob, Nick, Spiller

Leg 6  "Atlantic Rally"  departs Las Palmas 21st November  for St Lucia: 3,000 nm - 21 days trans Atlantic to the Caribbean preceded and followed by a BIG party Rob, Nick, Spiller &