DAY 23, TUES DEC 14th - FINISH LINE IN SIGHT (ALMOST?!) [ 14 11, W 59 46]

Mariposa Blog
Robert Newman
Tue 14 Dec 2010 11:36
A lovely sunrise on Tues morning and only 68nm to go, so St. Lucia should come into view on the horizon within the next couple of hours (assuming we are heading in the right direction) and we are eagerly anticipating making land by around 5pm this afternoon.,
Yesterday we had a good day, cleaning & tidying (much to Spiller's delight) and generally preparing the boat for our arrival.
Following Nick having manfully battled and landed the biggest fish of our crossing, late yesterday afternoon (exact species unknown, although we think another Dorado type, officially weighed in at 8lbs), we had a pleasant, evening meal of butternut squash & potato bake (courtesy of Rob), washed down with a nice Cava and a bottle of red to celebrate our last night (although rudely interrupted by the only squall we saw all day!). N.B. Nick had skillfully dispatched, prepared and refrigerated the fish as steaks to go on the BBQ later today.
2 yachts currently just up ahead, presumably other ARC boats heading for the finish line. 
All are now focused on seeing their loved one's later today, after over 3 weeks at sea (less one night in the Cape Verdes).