17:54.37N 62:51.51W St Barts

Sat 13 Apr 2019 15:31

Wednesday 27th March. St Barts is named after Columbus' brother, Bartolomeo. It is an up-market island, with lovely paving, boutique shops and Super Yachts. We saw the fituristic Super Yacht A, anchored just outside the entrance of Gustavia harbour.

We took a picnic and walked up to Fort Gustavia, but there is not much left of this. After that we walked down to Shell Beach, which is as it's name sounds, a beach of shells, and a popular swimming place.

In the afternoon we moved two miles round to Grande Anse Bay, which was much more pleasant. Ashore, we walked up the cliff path and saw 2 wild tortoises. As I didnt have a camera, I went back the next day and found one of them in nearly the same spot!

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