16:32.57N 45:17.34W. Week 2

Tue 11 Dec 2018 15:09
Monday 3 Dec
Fairly light winds today, which is just as well as both heads malfunctioning. Jonno and Gerry took the aft one to bits, whilst Jenny and I looked after the steering.
Later, baked a banana loaf and jacket potatoes for lunch.
Gerry got me to take photos of him in Owen’s Tilly hat for the Arc photo comp- caption, they told me to wear a floppy hat and shoes, they told me put on sunscreen, they told me to wear a life jacket and clip on .... That was all he WAS wearing!

Tuesday 4 Dec
A pleasant night, running with 12-16 knots of wind. Our first flying fish jumped aboard in the night, and another hit Gerry on the ear whilst he was helming.
At 13.00 we had done 153 miles, our best daily total so far. Total run 1253 miles.
By request, made apple and peach crumble for pudding this evening.

Wednesday 5 Dec
Woke at 08.00 and it was still dark. We are going to set our phone times back by 2 hours at lunchtime, to keep up with the changing time zones, otherwise we will be eating lunch in the dark soon!
10.00 a huge squall came through, 25+ knots, and the bucket rolled and jammed under the wheel, a panicky moment on my part.

Thursday 6 Dec
06.30 a lovely pink sky so got up to take a photo.
It’s St Nicklaus Day so we are celebrating with stollen and coffee. Our second flying fish found on the bow during our daily “Jerry’s Rig Inspection”
A few birds flying around, we think maybe Great Frigate birds, after consulting Terry’s bird book.
Gerry caught another large yellow fin tuna but it flapped off the hook just as he was reeling it in- we do have a photo for those doubters!
Later, a huge wave hit us and everything cascaded out of the book cupboard, ripping Mary Berry and tipping all the stowed bags over my bunk.
Risotto for tea today, cooked by Jonno.

Friday 7 Dec
A sunny day after the squalls. There are now lots of patches of orangey brown Saragosso sea weed, which we have been asked to monitor.
In the afternoon, Gerry caught our third yellow fin tuna, which we spiced up with jerk seasoning and baked with chips and peas for dinner. A proper Fish Friday.
21.00 a huge squall blew up, suddenly up to 30 knots so I had to blow the whistle to get everyone up to help reef. The gale force winds lasted all night, reaching 39 knots with the boat surfing along a 10 knots, white streaks flying behind us in the dark. An eerie swooshing noise.

Saturday 8 Dec
I woke to another squall of 30+ knots, getting to be a regular thing lately. Tea and porridge all round. By 10.00 it was a lovely, sunny day again.on a run now with the twin head sails. The boat Sunrise, who has been just behind us all night, altered on to the same course as us.
Spotted two birds circling round the boat, with long, very pointed tails. Looked in the bird book, but the only similar ones seemed to be a Storm Petrel, which shouldn’t be found in these latitudes.

Sunday 9 Dec
Two weeks since we started out. Cooked a “full Atlantic “breakfast for everyone then we opened our week 2 goody bag, different gins for everyone, a card, and snacks for later. The competition this week was won by Jenny.
Sundowners of G & T’s with ice and lemon, and Pringles in the sunshine.
Gentle winds did not last long. It blew a gale all night!!
Total miles logged at 13.00 1971

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