Week 1 22:00.47 N. 029:42.15W

Sun 2 Dec 2018 12:13
Day 5
Rock and roll all the way here. Saw the cruise yacht Sea Cloud, 117m with 3 masts. Heard that 4 boats have retired due to various problems. We are running downwind in about 20 knots of wind.

Day 6
November 30th and Lucy-Anne’s birthday, so a bit of an emotional day. We made an Advent calendar. Jenny and I are longing to wash our hair but it’s too rough for a shower. At 13.00 we have done 663 miles.

Day 7
A fairly quiet night, running downwind. We opened our Advent calendar, an Elf came to visit and a little “blue bird” landed on the transom! Stuffed! During lunch Gerry caught a large fish with a pointy blue tail, tuna we think?
At 13.00 we had done 805 miles.
We all had showers today, so feeling great. Cooked the fish with roast potatoes and buttered cabbage, delicious. In the night we passed quite close to the yacht Ikigai, about twice our size.

Day 8
We all stayed up for an extra 2 hours in the night as watch assistants, due to the wind, so a bit tired this morning. We had scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on toast as our end of week 1 celebrations. Then we opened our Week 1 treats bag- champagne, olives and an Advent wreath, a card with jokes and saying and a word competition with a prize! 11.30 Jonno and Gerry caught a large yellow fin tuna. About 8 flying fish flew by too.
13.00 and we have done 952 Miles, a third of the way there.

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