15:34.65N 61:27.59W Portsmouth, Dominica

Mon 4 Feb 2019 18:31
January 24th. 06.45 upped anchor and away. A bit rainy, and another good rainbow. we were called up by Geri on In Tune. Lovely to have a bit of a catch up on the radio, though they are going into Roseau and we are going on to Portsmouth as we need to make good time to reach Antigua for Bev's birthday party.

We anchored near the short pier and Albert took us over to the Customs on the other side of the bay, as it was too far to row, and we still have no outboard. This was the cheapest visit yet, at 15 EC dollars.

The next day we rowed ashore, and walked through Portsmouth. They are still recovering from hurricane Maria in 2017, and many houses are without roofs, and there are still several yachts blown up on the shore.

We walked up to fort Shirley- great once we got into the woods as the sun is very hot today. We saw lots of white butterflies, tiny brown jumping lizards and a huge land crab. The high light for me was spotting two long black snakes with yellow splodgy markings.

The main part of the fort has been carefully restored, but the men were still working on the sign posted Parade Ground and View Point.

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