36:08.96N 005:21.28W Gibraltar

Tue 24 Jul 2018 14:47

We left at 07.00 on Saturday 21st July 2018, for the last stage of our trip from Barbate to Gibraltar. The locals were oiling themselves up and sliding into wetsuits ready for their underwater spear fishing competition as we left.

10.00 on a reach with the new yankee up. It's a bit misty so not so good for photos as we pass Tafifa point. Saw a couple of dolphins, before we reached the straights of Gibraltar and it suddenly started to get really busy with passenger ferries, tankers and other ships going in and out, and jet skis buzzing all around.

15.00 arrived at Marina Bay, and luckily were met by one of the helpful staff, as we had to tie up bows to the pontoon, Med style.
The marina is right by the runway, so we are getting to know the flight schedule! We have also got to know several of the residents on livaboard boats - Tony on a motor launch behind us, Alistair and Brenda on Melody opposite us, who are making us a Bimini, and David who is also doing the Arc but to St Vincent.

So far we have bought most of the remaining Arc boat requirements in Shepherds chandlery, and walked up to the Top of the Rock once the temperature dropped a little in the evening, to see the entrance to the WW2 tunnels and meet the Macaques.

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