13:07.61N 61:11.40W Blue Lagoon, St Vincent

Sat 2 Feb 2019 21:56

Saturday 19th Jan. We left early for St Vincent. Up-wind all the way, with a few flying fish and other yachts. About 2 miles before we reached the Blue Lagoon, the sky darkened and we just had time to move everything below before the most tremendous tropical rainstorm. Visibility was so poor that the shoreline disappeared and the auto pilot and instruments kept turning themselves on and off due to the hammering from the rain! First time I have helmed in a bikini, waterproof and bare feet!

Once the rain had stopped, we picked out the posts marking the safe entrance to the Blue Lagoon. The depth dropped to 2 metres and we were amazed that we didn't get stuck. Once in, the depth dropped again. Ras Mike showed us to a buoy near the beach, moored fore and aft to a second buoy. I swam to the beach where the friendly locals were enjoying their Saturday, with football, drinks and a few joints.

Cooked curried yam and christophene with our new Grenadan spices, then green bananas in chocolate liquer. A lovely sunset, with music drifting over the bay.

Ras Mike is supposed to be here at 07.00 tomorrow to guide us out through the reef, marked with a skull and cross bones, as the "safe marked channel" won't be deep enough for us until high tide at midday.

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