Dominica, Portsmouth again

Sat 13 Apr 2019 14:28

Sunday 10th March
After a month of no sailing, including maintenance a lovely sunny 2 weeks in the UK, we arrived at Portsmouth, Dominica for the second time. This is one of my favourite islands as the people are so friendly. It's Yachtie Appreciation week so the buoys are free of charge. The first night we went to their beach BBQ- not great food, but good company.

Annie and Jonathan are arriving tomorrow.

Monday 11th March. We went on a tour of the Indian River, through the mangroves. A lovely trip, but quite busy due to this special week. Stopped for a drink in the swamp. We saw red crabs and a kingfisher on her nest- not the same species as a UK Kingfisher.

Met Bongo, one of the Boat Boys who has arranged to take Annie and I on a tour of the local school and nursery tomorrow. The Reception age children were so sweet, and sang us their National Anthem. I dont suppose many British kids the same age could do the same. The main school was lovely too- the children had excellent manners and behaviour and the standards seemed similar to the UK. We took presents, but when we asked what the school was short of, it was basic things like marker pens, sellotape and stickers. They have no I.T at the moment, sicne hurricane Maria wiped out their technology block.. Many houses in town still have no roofs.

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