Gibraltar to Tangier 35:46.97N 005:48.04W

Sat 22 Sep 2018 10:22

We arrived back in Gibraltar on Sunday 2nd September. The boat was covered in dust from the Sahara as it hadn't rained since we left at the end of July. We spent the next day scrubbing the boat, and chasing the bimini which had not been started.
A big stock up at Morrisons with Terry, who has just arrived for a couple of weeks. Also supplies of cigarettes (for sweeteners) and cheap gin. Two days later Mike Ford arrived too- we are getting to know the walk to the airport very well.

Friday 7th September.

Alistair and Brenda finally finished the bimini last night, so up early today to fill up with cheap diesel, plus three cans newly purchased, then we leave for tangier.
09.40 we saw lots of dolphins chasing flying fish. The weather is warm, sunny with a gentle breeze.
Crossing the busy traffic separation zone in the Straits of Gibraltar, we hear on the radio that 3 swimmers are alos crossing accompanied by two small boats. We spot them, along with more dolphins.
16.00 we are tied up alongside the office in the new Tanja Marina. It's quite empty, but the paperwork takes about 2 hours. Finally we are done, and move to our permanent berth.
The marina is lovely, but quite different to a european one. There are security guards everywhere, even guarding the showers and car park. They blow whistles all the time at anyone infringing their rules. When I changed the courtesy flags, I had to wash the Gibraltar one, as it was so filthy! Went for a walk around old Tangier with Mike and Terry. A bustling city, cars honking at every junction and people out strolling, market stalls and cries to prayer from the minarets.

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