Tue 17 Jul 2018 12:57

The opposite brach of the river goes to Olheo. We had to anchor in the pool, with lots of other boats, and a very long dinghy ride to the shore. This was made worse by the wind coming up, waves splashing over the boat and lots of fishing boats and tourist taxi boats whizzing by- some deliberately close, so that we were worried about being tipped out.

However, we made it, and enjoyed the wonderful market which stretches the whole length of the sea front. Olhao also has lovely mosaic cobbles on the streets, and more storks in huge nests on their cathedral.

The ride home in the dinghy with shopping was even worse. though it was high tide so we could skim over the mudbanks to take a more direct route, it was even windier so we were both soaked through and glad to be in one piece by the time we got back to the boat. I had a quick shower in the cockpit, the Jonno noticed that the anchor was dragging, so we got it up and motored back to the anchorage at Faro for the night, which was slightly more sheltered.

A beautiful sunrise when we left the next morning.

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