Christmas in St Lucia

Fri 4 Jan 2019 20:24

After 3 weeks at sea, we are all so glad to stroll about, and swim in the sea. Gerry, Jenny, Jonno and I all went on a short bus tour the area, and over to the start of Pigeon Island, now joined to the mainland by a causeway, since it was requisitioned by the army. Also went to a talk about the Caribbean by Chris Doyle, who wrote the guides. Later, we were treated to a special dinner at Spinnakers, a wonderful restaurant on the beach.

The Rodney Bay cocktail evening had a great steel band, and lots of Rum Punch, of course.

Wednesday 19th
jenny and I did yoga by the pool, then later we all got the party cat to the Anse la Rae fish fry and street party, which was great fun.

Thursday 20th
Took the dinghy round to the beach to swim, then bought rotis and coconut water for lunch.

Friday 21st
Walked to Gros Islet for the Jump up. Started to pour, so we all squashed into the bar area. Gerry got very drunk and insisted we all dance in the street with the locals.

Saturday 22nd
Gerry and Jenny's last day. We met up with Chris and Jan, went to the market to stock up. In the evening, there was prize giving at the local cricket ground. Tamara and Eric won their class in Sea Child, and Mark and Gina got a random prize. An amazing array of prizes to be won, but sadly none for Mares Tail.

Sunday 23rd
Phil and Geri are organising the remaining Arc boats for Christmas. great food on In Tune, and lots of singing to guitars in Emglish and German.
Anji, Leah and Jasmine arrived from Martinique.

Christmas Eve
Swimming in the pool, then a boat trip to the beach where we all tumbled ashore as it was so steep. Later we had our Christmas meal, followed by drinks on the pontoon by Jan and Chris, as they had been given 60 litres of free wine!

Christmas Day
Phoned the family, opened presents, then we got the water taxi round to Marie's Bar on the beach for a great Caribbean BBQ.

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