13:00.69N 61:14.43W Bequia

Fri 4 Jan 2019 20:28

December 26th
we had a gentle sail down to Marigot Bay, where a boat boy helped us tie up. We are near the twin Pitons. Jasmine enjoyed swimming off the boat.

27th December
Sailed on to Soufriere. Leah arranged a taxi, who took us to the volcano- the only one you can drive inside. It's still active, and has a very strong sulphorous smell, and boiling mud pools.
after that, we went to the hot mud baths, then to a warm waterfall. Jasmine is in her element!

Saturday 29th December
We left early for the 53 mile trip to Bequia. It was much windier than we expected, so poor Leah and Jasmine were sick, but after a sleep down below, they soon recovered. Anji loved the sail, and found the pounding waves really exciting.

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