43:16.99N 002:07.69W Spain, Rio de Orio

Wed 30 May 2018 20:15

Left at 09.00 to cross the corner of the Bay of Biscay to Rio de Orio. Started off on a close port tack in light winds, with a bit of a swell. As the wind changed, we ended up on a run with the sail plan changing frequently as the wind rose and fell.
The night started off clear and starry with an almost full moon giving :moon shadows". One dolphin leapt clear of the water, but otherwise we had hours with no sight of land or other boats.
The depth alarm got a bit confused when we dropped off the Continental shelf into more than 1000 feet of water- the shallow water alarm kept going off at intervals!
Monday 28th May- day 2 of the crossing. Swell makes it very rock and rolly, not too comfortable to sleep. As we neared the Spanish coast it clouded over then stated to rain, and we lost sight of all landmarks in the mist. Motored very slowly into the narrow channel for Rio de Orio, with none of the leading lights working. The marina is tiny and a dredger was working by some empty piles. We tied up on the outside of a pontoon in the only space available, only to be told politely there were no places for visitors and we had to go. By then the entrance had disappeared in fog, it was raining hard and we were exhausted after 205 mile trip.The lady took pity on us and said we could move to the far corner by the bridge but must be gone by 08.00.

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