Antigua to Nevis 8th to 10th Feb

Fri 10 Mar 2006 14:27
We left Antigua on 8th Feb for Nevis 50 miles away.  We had a great sail with the Parasailor up and anchored at Pinneys beach arriving in the dark and lead in by Bobs torch light who had arrived a few hours ahead of us! (We weren't slow, but had got held up by yet another shut customs office!) 
On our way to Nevis with the parasailor up
We had caught 2 fish, a Dorado and a Tuna but Chris's stomach was not up for fish - too much gutting! So only I had the sashimi that night! (my favourite :-)) Instead we treated Bob and Gill to a Red Tuna and a Green Dorado Thai curry the following night. Fantastic!
The Dorado
The Tuna
We took a 'taxi tour', visiting hot springs, plantations, a Nelson museum and marriage tree and fancy hotels:
'Montpellier' Plantation - Princess Diana stayed here with her boys.....we had a drink only - way out of our league!
'Montpellier' Plantation
Nelsons marriage tree - where he married Fanny Nisbet from Nevis
Nisbet Plantation Beach Club........Wow! we can but look  -  give me Lazy Dawn any day!
Nisbet's beach 
Nisbet beach
Spot the moon - from our Nevis anchorage!
Sunset from our Nevis anchorage