Still Low Winds!!!

Wed 10 Aug 2005 06:40
Its been another long night of little wind requiring high levels of
concentration to maintain any real boat speed!! We have headed west based on
the weather forecasts and Grib data suggesting the wind would back from N /
NE to west over night.

We have just tacked for the first time in 20 hours and are now heading North
with the wind building to 5 Knots!!! with 45 miles still left to reach Rock.
e.t.a at the rock would be around 16.00 today if the current wind holds.

Crew have maintained moral with various inter watch competition of who can
see the most sea life and as our boat log is a bit slow we have a league
table on the personal log side current standards have Chris in the lead
with 4 Peter B, is currently sitting on No 3 and Jo, Vic's, Simon & Leon are
on 2 Rob S is on 1 and RJ is still a virgin on 0!! Watch No 2 not mentioned
yet as their stat are not available as they are a sleep.

Lets hope the wind builds and the focus will return to the ships log!!!

Thanks for all the SMS please keep us posted on Rock Rounding ands and line honours