Sat Phone Update from the middle of the Westen approaches

Tue 9 Aug 2005 15:58
The wind has been fickle all morning with no more than 5 knots of breeze. Crew all working hard to keep the focus and maintain some boat speed!!! Currently around 30 miles south east of the famous Labadie Bank that did all the damage in the 1979 race... Not much chance of this today with a wave height of 10 cm!!!
Highlight of the morning must be the whale that came and said hello before showing us his tall as he moved east to visit some other  competitors behind us!!!  However I think many boats did make it around the lizard before the foul tide so overall positions not known a text with a status report would be nice....
Second highlight was the Heinz beans and sausages we had for lunch while sun bathing in the warm sunny day...
With boat speed of 4 - 6 e.t.a at the rock is around mid morning tomorrow or afternoon if the wind reduces further. The forecast is variable 2 -3 so its hard to see much more wind on the radar
Next update either tonight or after the ROCK !!