Sines to Lagos 27th September

Thu 29 Sep 2005 14:06
Morning came quickly and the alarm was painful to the ears, we had not used on in weeks!! But we needed to be underway before 8.00 if we wanted to reach Largos before dark.

The wind had reduced again so we stated our morning as we have most by motoring out of the harbour and south once more. This time we had to avoid the large cargo vessels at anchor in the bay waiting their turn to moor up and collect there cargo to carry around the world. We made slow progress south as we had a strong current against us from the south but we relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine. Reading books and keeping one eye out for the many nets and lobster pots that are placed all the way down this cost.

We arrived at Cabo de Sao Vicente the most south / west point of Europe quite an impressive site. There is a large light house perched on the top of a 200 meter cliff. The cliff top was lined with people, the only road in was lined with busses bringing the tourist to see point (Noted as the 3rd best sight to see in our AA Guide of Portugal) We thought the view was much better from the sea as we could see all the rocks and the power of the Atlantic swell crashing into the jagged cost line.

Cabo de St Vincent

The Cap was rounded at 17.00 and as we turned east into the mouth of the Med we finally got some wind from the North. We rolled out the Genoa and sail away from the cape towards Sagres the next rocky promontory. The wind was building and we needed to raise the main sail as the wind angle reduced as we turned for Lagos. We sailed on a reach in 20 knots of wind and had boat speeds of over 9 knots. It was great to really sail the boat after many days of light airs and the Iron mainsail (the engine).

This additional turn of speed helped us claw back some lost time and we again arrived at the visitors moorings in Lagos just as dark fell. 80 miles covered in 12 hours, we put the boat to bed and went to a bar, drank some beer and watched the football the locals favourite past time! Not sure my cheer when Man U scored a late winner against "Benfeca" a Portuguese team in the Champions league was well appreciated!

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