One day to go!

Sat 19 Nov 2005 20:33
Hi everyone sorry for the lack of updates over the last couple of weeks but lets say its been busy!!!

Lanzarote was excellent. We planned to stay a few days but ended up there for 10 days!! We all completed our PADI open water and then went diving for a few days. Weather was excellent and we toured the volcanic islands in a hire car.

We moved south to Las Palmas Grand Canarias, the starting port for the ARC, on the 9th November. First real down wind sail for us. 100 miles in 13 hours with 12.8 knots logged down some serious waves!! Been really busy ever since on boat preparation and a lot of partying!!!

We are almost there and will cast off tomorrow around 12.00 for the start of the ARC at 13.00 GMT for the 2700 mile crossing to St Lucia. Here are the key links to follow our progress!!

ARC home page Here you can see all the action so far and will be able to find daily updates of positions and ARC news.

Thanks to Peter the link works between our web site and mailasail, so you can now see our web diary updates via You can still go into as before though!

You can call us on the sat phone at any time during the crossing. Phone number +881631537942. SMS's (text messages mum!) can be sent free via the web link

We hope all will go well and the wind will be kind and finally we can get some down wind sailing!! Our current situation is not so promising. The forecast is for head winds for the first 5 days because of a big 'low' :o( Usual Lazy Dawn sailing!

If you want to follow the weather have a look at these links...

All Spanish but excellent coverage of the Atlantic!!

The Las Palmas port web cam will be turned out to sea to follow the start tomorrow and you can follow our progress for the first 30 mins if you're interested Please let us know whether that was any good. Can't imagine the clarity will be great.

Looking forward to your SMS's and emails as we make our progress West!!!

Chris Jo & Peter