First 24 hours we have had it all.

Tue 22 Nov 2005 12:19
The start went quite well we took the west end of the line away from the may hem at the windward end of the line. We soon got clean air and made good progress thought the fleet. Raised the Para sail (kite) after 1 hour and slowly ran out of wind by 16.00. We could see a new wind line approaching and decided not to motor for it as some of the big yachts around us did. When it arrived we had loads of wind and in no time had put in all 3 reefs and shortened the Genoa to 30%. All of us got soaked in salt water and needed to put our oilies on for the night :o(
It was quite uncomfortable for around 8 hours until the wind died down. Only the dolphins enjoyed the big seas as they jumped and swam around the boat. During the night we had to shake out all the reefs all quite hard work for our small crew. We find ourselves now in light airs, bright sunshine as lunch time approaches. No fish on the lines yet so it will be sandwiches. 
VHF as been active as all our fellow crews find out how we are all doing this will stop over the next 24 hours as we spread out around the Atlantic. We have not yet used the engine and lets hope the wind ensures this is not needed.
Only major breakage so far was the heads stopped working and to Peter's relief it was fixed just in time to avoid a situation!