Re: Day 4 of Lazy Dawn's ocean passage

Thu 24 Nov 2005 15:30
Another day forward and closer to St Lucia and the tropical storms!!!
We made some good progress, during yesterday afternoon with the spinnaker up, 12 knots of breeze and average speeds over 7 knots, in bright sunshine finally, the Arc promise of down wind sailing looked likely!! However the wind soon died out and we had to motor for a few hours (Much needed to keep the batteries topped up) The wind filled in around 9.30 pm just after an episode of 24 series 2 and with full main and Genoa we could sail on through the night. At times it was fast at others we bobbed about with the rig banging around over head so not the best night sleep we have had so far.
    The morning has been quite good with a solid SE wind allowing us to make good progress south and west at 7 knots away from the tropical storm window we hope! We have even overtaken a few boats which is nice. Lots of banter on the VHF and the ARC fleet are all sticking together and sharing what info we have, its like being in a big family with lots of brothers and sisters looking out for you.
On the domestic front all is going well food is still flowing from the galley and at present time there is a fat chance of losing any weight if we keep up the 3 good meals a day!! Tonight we will open the first of the vacuum packed chicken Breast for a curry!! There are still 10 meals of vacuum packed fresh meat in the fridge and the saloon still looks like a grocers shop.
On the morning watch I took some good pictures of the great sunrise and the new helmsman on the wheel. ( I got bored on my own and attached Chloe our clown fish mascot to the wheel and there she will stay!  So Antony the autohelm has company too) Yes it's true I am going mad!!
The fishing took an interesting step forward this morning as the rod almost broke as a fish took the bait, then the hook and a lot of line. This added some encouragement and new hooks where loaded and alas like all good fishing stories it happened again so I can discuss the stories of the ones that got a way!!! Lets hope third time lucky and finally fish for dinner!!
More info tomorrow ....