Lagos to Albufeira 30th September

Sat 8 Oct 2005 19:08

After a few days of rest and Internet access in Lagos we needed to move on again. Lagos was a great little town with a healthy tourist trade. The town was full of shops and restaurants. We had a great fish meal sitting in a square watching the world go by. Jo got some cool clothes, a purple shirt and a trendy pair of jeans for next to nothing. I did some excellent retail therapy in the local chandlers, finding a fishing rod holder and some nuts and bolts.  Not quite as exciting as the clothes!! But I did spend some time on eBay and am currently bidding for a vintage sextant to further my studies on Astronavigation. We will find out on Sunday if I have won the auction!!


Finally prised my self off the Internet at 13.00 and left the mooring and filled the tanks with Diesel….….



Leaving Lagos



Again the wind was almost nothing, so it was back to the ‘Iron mainsail’ to get us the 24 miles along the cost to Albufeira. The sun was out, the swell was small and we made good progress arriving in Albufeira Bay in 4 hours. We made the decision to set the anchor and go for a swim before we entered the harbour. The water was much warmer in the Algarve than the west cost and we did quite a number of laps of the boat as our daily exercise!!! The water depth was 6 metres but disappointingly you could not see the bottom. I have set myself the challenge to see and touch the anchor holding Lazy Dawn, but it was not today!!!

The harbour was brand new and clearly more recent than the electronic charts, because when we finished the formalities and got to our berth for the night, the GPS chart plotter suggested we were ½ a mile inshore - a bit bold on the throttle?!!



So Lazy Dawn can also sail on land!!!


The apartments built around the harbour were painted in bright colours, not the greatest idea but the bars were great and the ice cream took the award for the best so far!!!