Cascias to Sines 26th September

Thu 29 Sep 2005 14:04
We got up a bit late after going to bed at 3.30 am. Finally the hook released from the bottom after almost ripping the bow roller out of the deck! The wind had all but gone and we motored south in sunshine. As we left Cascias we viewed the full Clipper fleet with battle flags aloft.

The Clipper Fleet

Later in the day the wind build from the north and we finally sailed for a few hours before arriving in Sines at 20.00 just in time to moor up before dark.

Sines is a very large port with oil, gas, aggregates and cargo terminal. The yacht harbour was tucked in a small bay in the middle of this industrial landscape. The marina was quite and we were met by the security guard to register and pay then we had to go to a wooded hut with a man with a holstered gun to complete all the same information for the customs officer! Both guys were more interested in the football playing on their small portable TV's than the arrival of a small English yacht.

Once the formalities where complete we retired to the boat for a gastronomic delight of pot noodle, a fine bottle of white wine and another 3 episodes of 24!! Then early to bed after the long night before and an early start need to make land fall in the light tomorrow.

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