Bayona to Povoa de Varzim

Fri 23 Sep 2005 22:21

Wednesday morning came, again with great weather! The morning was started with a walk around the fort and the old town. We are trying to do some regular exercise!  The lines were slipped at 11.00 and we motored out of Bayona with the plan to sail to Povoa de Varzim, some 50 miles south.


The wind was from the Northwest, but insufficient to sail under, so we motored all the way. The biggest challenge was to miss the large number of fishing nets and pots along this coast, this time we had a clear run. The port was easy to enter and again we were met by a very helpful man to help us moor up at around 19.15. After signing in at reception we had a free drink in the marina bar and all for 6.50 Euro.  The cheapest nights mooring ever!!


The evening was spent exploring the town and a having a great meal out in a local restaurant eating all local specialties recommended by our waiter who looked like Emmanuel from Faulty Towers.  3 courses, a bottle of wine and all for 20 quid. This is a town to stay some time at if you want to save money. However we needed to leave early the next morning, as we had a long sail to make harbour before dark.


The ‘Manhattan’ of Portugal Povoa de Varzim