Summary of Day 1 of the Fastnet 2005

Mon 8 Aug 2005 12:01
Hi All its been a good start after the low winds on Sunday afternoon. The good  NE / E winds during the night have pushing us west and at 11.20 AM we had just logged are 150 mile of the race at an average speed of over 6.2 knots. The weather is excellent and from the picture below you can see its shorts and tee shirts shame about the leather boots!!
We have focussed hard and some crew are already exhausted!!
Thanks for the text messages receive from Jeff and Noel  well received
Location now is some 15 miles East of Lizard Point drifting on a far tide the big challenge will be if we can make the tidal at the point before it turn foul. Wind has dropped to 4 -6 knots with boat speed of 4 knots under the code 2 kite. Hear is hoping for some more wind soon!!!